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Elevate Your Property Value: The Power of Professional Landscaping

Elevate Your Property Value: The Power of Professional Landscaping

Elevate Your Property Value: The Power of Professional Landscaping

Professional landscaping is more than just an aesthetic upgrade – it’s a strategic investment that can significantly increase your property value. With the right combination of trees, plants, lighting, and outdoor spaces, you can elevate your property value by up to 20 percent.

The Impact of Landscaping on Property Value

While many home improvements focus on the interior, the exterior is equally, if not more, important when selling. A well-manicured yard with an intentional design, mature plants, and a variety of plant life can make a powerful first impression. In fact, regular landscaping maintenance can recover 267 percent of the cost at resale, with basic tree care and installation of irrigation systems recovering 100 percent and 86 percent of the cost, respectively.

Case Study: Terrell Hills Luxury Landscape Transformation

In the affluent neighborhood of Terrell Hills, San Antonio, a luxury home stood out not just for its stunning interiors, but also its equally impressive exterior. However, the exterior wasn’t always this way. Once a blank canvas, the property’s outdoor space was yearning for an artistic touch that would match the elegance of its indoor charm.
The homeowners dreamed of a private tropical paradise, a tranquil retreat just steps away from their back door. Their vision included tropical landscaping, an outdoor kitchen, a cozy pergola, a mesmerizing fire pit, a winding flagstone path, and custom color-changing outdoor lighting.

To turn this dream into reality, they turned to Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping. Our team, drawing upon over 35 years of experience, dove into the project with enthusiasm and creativity. The design was thoughtfully planned to incorporate an array of local plants, including vibrant Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Mandevilla, large-leafed Philodendron, Clerodendron, Duranta, Plumbago, Pride of Barbados, Cannas, Hedychium, and various species of Gingers. These were selected to create a rich tapestry of colors and textures that would thrive in the Texas climate.

The creation of the outdoor kitchen, the pergola, and the fire pit followed. Custom wood was used to craft a pergola that blended seamlessly with the tropical theme. The fire pit, filled with shimmering fire glass, was positioned to become the centerpiece of the yard, adding warmth and a touch of magic to the evenings.

The transformation, which was completed in one and a half months, culminated in a breathtaking fusion of vibrant greenery, functional outdoor features, and enchanting lighting effects. The result was a private oasis with a resort-like ambiance.
When the homeowners saw the transformation, they were awe-struck. The woman of the house exclaimed, “This is my dream backyard!” It was a rewarding moment that captured the essence of our mission – to create outdoor spaces that not only look beautiful but also resonate with our clients’ vision and dreams.
But the reward didn’t end there. The dream backyard not only provided an idyllic retreat for the homeowners but also significantly enhanced the property’s value. When it was time to sell a few years later, the value of the property had increased by an impressive 17%.

This transformation stands as a testament to our belief at Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping – that with the right professional expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we can turn your outdoor space into your dream landscape, adding considerable aesthetic and financial value to your property. We’re committed to making this possible for every homeowner in San Antonio and beyond.

Unique Challenges and Opportunities in San Antonio

San Antonio offers unique opportunities and challenges for landscaping. The local climate supports a variety of beautiful native plants that thrive in our weather conditions. However, knowing which plants to use and how to maintain them can be challenging. At Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping, we are well-versed in these challenges and opportunities. We know how to create landscaping designs that thrive in our local climate and boost property value.

Our Approach at Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping

Our certified landscape designers work directly with you to enhance your property’s attractive features or breathe new life into tired outdoor spaces. For over 35 years, our legacy of excellence and customer satisfaction has guided our work. We oversee each project from envisioning to design and installation. We ensure the use of high-quality materials that can withstand the Texas weather, integrate custom-made elements for a personal touch, and install efficient irrigation systems. Our goal is to leave your home surrounded by beauty and increase its value.

Landscaping is not just about beautifying your home—it’s about making a strategic investment that pays off in increased property value. With careful planning, professional execution, and regular maintenance, you can transform your outdoor space into a value-adding asset.

If you’re looking to increase your property value through professional landscaping, we invite you to get in touch with our team at Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping. We’d be delighted to discuss your vision and how we can help bring it to life. Let’s work together to elevate your property’s value and enhance your lifestyle. Contact us today!


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