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Automatic irrigation systems have become much more common over the last decade. They help manage your landscape’s water needs with the greatest of ease; but did you know that The American Water Works Association estimates that homes with in-ground irrigation systems use 35 percent more water than homes without irrigation systems? The culprit: Systems not designed or installed correctly. In fact, the staff at the Austin Water Utility report water waste of 20 to 50 percent due to poor system design!

At Maldonado, we know an irrigation system is more than PVC pipe and sprinkler heads. With Landscape irrigation estimated to be the single largest component of municipal water use look to us to provide you an environmentally-conscience design, the most advanced equipment, and professional installations from our licensed irrigation specialists.

Whether you need a new system at the time of construction or an update to an existing system’s design or equipment, you (and your landscape) will benefit from Maldonado’s many years of experience with automatic irrigation system design, and installation.

For us, quality is a must on every project, large or small, so we pay attention to detail from planning to finish. Maldonado partners with Rain Bird and other industry leaders in irrigation systems for the most advanced system components. Technologies such as “smart” irrigation controllers and wireless soil-moisture sensors provide efficiency improvements and incredible convenience that allows you to manage your system from anywhere in the world.


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What people are saying:

Maldonado Nursery and Landscaping has maintained the grounds and sprinkler system for Region One Education Service Center locations for many years.

They have always been very responsive to our needs… maintaining our main campus in Edinburg of approximately 20 acres with sprinkler system, and our smaller satellite office in Brownsville.

Our yard always receives compliments from our staff and visitors on how beautifully the grass and trees are trimmed, and how green it always looks. Maldonado does an excellent job in operating safely during operating hours and has been responsive to any issues that may arise.

D. Mark Wallace
Director of Facilities/Operations

Our certified and licensed irrigation technicians will analyze pressure at the water source and each hydro-zone to ensure the most efficient watering of your property without the waste, show you how to use your system, and help you manage your irrigation system with unparalleled customer service.

Maldonado performs all Irrigation Services with the equipment we own and maintain, using only our in-house employees that are trained and certified in equipment operation. We manage all new installations via a superintendent, as well a foreman is assigned to every crew.

Let Maldonado help manage your landscaping water needs. You might be surprised how much an efficient and correctly installed irrigation system can help to reduce your water footprint.